WonderCon 2010 (part 2)

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(Continued from WonderCon 2010 (part 1))

Chrystie and I then made our way to get in line for a panel of forensic psychiatrists discussing the mental disorders that plague the inmates of Arkham Asylum. Unfortunately the amount of people in line to get into the room was enough to fill the room at least three times. Due to some terrible planning on the part of the staff, we, and at least 200 people were turned away. Greatly disappointed, we got some food and decided to get in line early for the masquerade and take pictures of the contestants as they walked in.


We ended up being about 10th in line for the masquerade, which got us center aisle seats in the fifth row back – the first row behind the reserved seats. Thirty-two contestants participated in the costume contest for trophies and prizes consisting of: $500, $100, a DC collectible item, a special Star Wars prize, and some 3D portraits. The costumes were much more elaborate than I had imagined and had a very wide range of influence – from Disney Villains


to Cheetara


to Queen Elizabeth


to Marvel vs. Capcom


to the many faces of Johnny Depp


to this guy.


Most groups had a whole routine planned out – either acting out a scene, dancing, or mock fighting.


Far and away the most impressive costume was the full 10-foot Bumblebee Transformer costume, complete with light up moving weapon. He took home the $500 prize.


The overall winner of the night was the Dr. Who clan.


The costume contest alone was easily worth the $12 ticket price of WonderCon. Add in getting to see the preview panels, and overlooking the complete lack of swag, massive crowds, and $30 for autographs – WonderCon was a great time.

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  1. Sagar Pathak

    Awesome pics Tim!! Agreed, def worth the $12 ticket!!

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