Name: Tim Caserza
Location: Silicon Valley, CA
Occupation: Software Engineer

I started this blog for my future self – my memory is terrible and I want to be able to look back and see my thoughts and experiences. I thought others might enjoy reading what I’ve been up to, so it’s on the web for all to see.

I enjoy going to events, so many posts are about events I go to. I always take my camera with me and try to weave in photos from the events to give my readers a better feel for the experience. Of note, I have been to: ComicCon, WonderCon, PAX, PAX East, probably every major parade in San Francisco or San Jose, training camp and practices for the 49ers and Sharks, viewings of the Giants World Series Trophy and Olympic medals, and one of the greatest experiences of my life – the Giants World Series Parade.

I’m an avid sports fan, so once in a while I’ll post something about sports.

I also enjoy numbers and statistics, so I’ll occasionally post something nerdy about numbers.