Crystal Head Vodka Skittles Infusion

So I recently discovered a delicious and visually appealing alcoholic beveredge, Skittles infused vodka. This dangerous concoction looks and tastes like Skittles with the only hint it might be alcoholic the warmth you feel as you drink it. Making it was simple and I found the colors so visually appealing I needed to find a worthy container. A friend suggested a Crystal Head Vodka bottle, and I agreed that it would look awesome with some strawberry Skittles infused vodka in it.

For this I used:
a full 750-ml Crystal Head Vodka bottle (empty will do if you have another source of mid-grade vodka)
260 red skittles (about 20 packs)
6 Mason jars (1-pint size)
9 coffee filters
a measuring cup


Step 1: Pour Crystal Head Vodka into three mason jars – two up to 10 oz, and one with the last 6 oz or so. You can fill them up to whatever amount you want, but 10 oz is about right to leave room for the Skittles and to give you shaking room.


Step 2: Pour skittles into mason jars – 100 into the 10 oz jars and 60 into the 6 oz jar. You want about 10 skittles per oz of alcohol to get a good infusion.


Step 3: Shake bottles well, and leave for a day or two shaking occassionally. Leaving them in a darker area and out of the sun is recommended. You will know you are ready for step 4 when the skittles have completely dissolved in the vodka and there is a layer of gunk at the top of the jar.


Step 4: Put a coffee filter in each of the unused mason jars and filter the vodka three times. This can take a while, so you can speed up the process by using more cups and filters. Filter the vodka as much as necessary to remove all the gunk left behind by the Skittles in the vodka.


Step 5: Carefully pour vodka back into Crystal Head Vodka bottle using a funnel or a measuring cup with a spout. You should end up with close to the same amount of liquid that you started with, maybe even a little more.


Step 6: Enjoy.

Time to complete: an hour of combined work, two days of waiting

Project inspired by:,, and Derek.

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  1. beatdodgers

    We tried this with gummy bears with considerably less success.

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