The Best Thing I Ever Ate…

The best thing I ever ate: The UFO Roll from Sushi 85.

Last Friday Chrystie took me to Sushi 85 in Mountain View. She had taken me there a few weeks earlier and I very much wanted to return. They have an all-you-can-eat sushi bar, which is absolutely incredible considering the price tag of $25, and how fresh their fish is. This second trip sealed the deal for me regarding the best thing I have ever eaten, as the first one could have just been a fluke or my hunger making something taste better than it really was. The UFO roll, a California roll with bay scallops and chef’s special sauce on top, all toasted with a mini-torch, is without a doubt my new favorite food. Its warm sweet deliciousness made me melt in my chair on both occasions. I told Chrystie not to let me eat the UFO rolls first when I come next time because they are so good everything else pales in comparison and I end up just eating nothing but UFO rolls.

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