San Francisco St. Patricks Day Parade & Festival

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San Fransisco hosted its annual St Patrick’s Day Festival and Parade last Saturday. Chrystie and I arrived a couple hours before the parade rolled through to check out the festival. To my delight, this festival proved to be more festive than the Italian festival last year. There was authentic Irish food being served in booths, alcohol being served in fenced off areas, and vendors selling Irish-themed wares. I enjoyed a corned beef on rye and a soda bread large enough to feed a family for a week, while scoping out a nice spot to watch the parade.


Just to continue bashing the Italian festival and parade last year, this Irish parade seemed twice as long and was much more impressive.

My Only Complaint: The bouncy balls that many of the floats bounced into the crowd. They’re a detached retina and lawsuit waiting to happen.

Most Head-Turning Participant: Tesla Roadsters. As much as I love the Mustang convertibles used to garner the attention of the audience, I found the two Tesla Roadsters much more impressive – it must have something to do with watching $200k silently rolling by.


My Favorite Performers: Kiss Our Axe – the Humboldt State Marching Lumberjacks


Most Confusing Float: The pope…I think


My Favorite Float: The Cosgrave Clan – In the true Irish spirit, a party on the back of a big rig with the drunkest of the bunch dancing alongside to a loop of “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys. Apparently their drunken antics didnt sit well with some people because someone walked out of the audience, went right up to the float, grabbed a 6 back of Blue Moon bottles and smashed it on the ground then calmly walked back into the crowd and few people noticed. Unfortunately theyre going to get a bad rap as the organizers assumed they were responsible for the broken glass in the street and gave them a stern talking to.


Grumpiest little Irishman: this kid, very cute though


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