Cell Phone Progression

Well, it’s the end of an era. Last Friday I went into Best Buy and bought the Droid Incredible – just the third cell phone I have ever owned. My LG C2000 clamshell phone with the Cingular logo still on it was just not cutting it anymore. The C2000 has been at my side (in my pocket) for the last five years, the last two of which it shared with an Ipod Touch to make up for its lack of media playing and internet ability. Now both devices, along with my Kodak Zi8 HD camera/camcorder and Garmin e-trex GPS have been more or less rendered unnecessary by this one marvelous device.

Looking back at the three cell phones I’ve owned, here is how they stack up:

Nokia 5110 LG C2000 HTC Droid Incredible
Looks A brick that makes calls! Clamtastic! This is the droid I was looking for!
Released 1998 2005 2010
Dimensions (mm) 47.5 x 132 x 31 46 x 89 x 24 58.5 x 117.5 x 11.9
Weight (oz) 6.0 3.4 4.6
Display Resolution (pixels) 3948 20480 384000
Color Depth (bit) 1 16 32
Talk Time (h) 5 3 5.2
Standby Time (h) 270 240 146
Memory (MB) Remembers the last 8 calls 16 512
Camera Resolution (MP) N/A 0.31 8.0
Best App

Snake Trialware Tetris Google Maps Navigation
Hottest Feature It’s a cellular phone Internet Connectivity Everything


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